With the recent release of the Oculus Quest, Facebook wanted to generate excitement around some of its top game titles during the holidays. We were challenged to bring these VR games to life in 2D trailer format. The best way to help people conceptualize VR is to visualize its impact. We created mixed reality trailers to show that VR isn’t just changing the game, it’s changing your world.

We pressure tested Oculus’ unreleased MRC tool to create 30-second shorts transporting players from physical environments to virtual ones. From a stressful day at the office to fishing on a lake, or a gym locker room to a high-stakes boxing match, every story visualizes the game’s transformative experience.

During the holidays, our trailers became the headline videos on Oculus product pages for each title. Stay tuned for proof that mixed reality trailers are the best way for developers to sell VR games.