In 2018, Snapchat unveiled their Snap Marker lenses, allowing users to unlock AR animations tied to 2D images. Prior to the release, they brought us on as partners to help them develop an activation to launch the new feature.

In order to showcase all the ways these lenses could bring 2D images to life, we worked with Snap and our network of spatial artists to create a lens-activated art show in LA. Guests could use the Snapchat app to trigger AR animations in each exhibit, adding a whole new dimension to the original works of art.

This month-long exhibit was the first of its kind, giving LA a new way to explore spatial reality.

The project was composed of both an indoor gallery featuring AR-enhanced artwork from Trudy Elmore, Anna Solomko, and Adrianna Vecchioli; as well as a series of outdoor murals composed by Colette Miller, Cloe Hakakian, and Allison Bamcat.