As more and more artists adopt immersive technologies like VR and AR, a new renaissance of spatial artistry has emerged. Because we know a thing or two about 3D creation, Participant came to us looking to breathe new life into Art Attack, a legacy YouTube series by Soul Pancake. We saw an opportunity to bring this renaissance to their art-loving fan base, but needed to find a way to turn their 2D channel into an immersive experience.

Through the development of the series, we discovered that art lovers from all walks of life shared a desire to explore their favorite masterpieces from a new perspective. Using mixed reality and a VR painting tool called Tilt Brush by Google, we reimagined famous masterworks in mixed reality, playing with space, scale, and time to put viewers at the heart of each piece as it came to life.


Art Attack quickly became the most popular episodic mixed reality series on the internet. We produced three full seasons, won a Webby Award for content innovation, and tallied over five million views from art and tech lovers around the world.

Throughout the creation of the series we were able to work with multiple artists and the Tilt Brush team to further develop the tool and push the boundaries of VR art for those to follow.