With the Oculus dominating VR headset sales, Facebook wanted to be sure its lineup of immersive games and experiences were just as impressive as the hardware. The majority of those games were built in the Unity 3D game engine. Since Unity had just launched their own learning platform, the two companies teamed up and enlisted us to help level up their shared ecosystem of VR developers.

We worked directly with Unity and Oculus to design an in-depth curriculum and produce nearly 400 minutes of video content for a free online course taking intermediate developers through every step of the VR development process, from planning and design to development, testing, and marketing.


To make sure students were learning from the best, we called on some of the top developers at Oculus and Unity to teach the course. We also created a direct channel for one-on-one support from the Oculus team that allows developers to get personal feedback on submissions and answers to questions they have along the way. By the end of the course, learners get to put it all together and build their own vertical slice of an escape room VR game.


After announcing the course at Unite Copenhagen and Oculus Connect 6, our beta group filled up in less than two days. Within the first month of launch the course was being taken by thousands of Unity developers. To date is one of the most comprehensive guides currently available for VR development. In addition to high enrollment, a dedicated forum with hundreds of engaged members for the course has continued to generate excitement around game development for the Oculus Quest and Rift.