In the early days of VR, there was a sentiment that creating immersive content was too time consuming, expensive, and technical for most YouTubers to bother. Google was developing tools to lower the barrier of entry, but needed a program to shift perceptions about VR content creation and grow their 360° and VR180 library on YouTube.


We worked with YouTube to develop the VR Creator Lab, starting with a three-day boot camp designed to help leading creators get hands-on, learn from the best in the business, and leave with everything they need to feel confident in producing immersive content for their channels.


To set the program up for success, we formed a team of VR filmmakers, developers, operators, and artists as mentors for our creators as they produced their first pieces. Our mentors helped guide them from pre-production to publishing.

Since the program began three years ago, our Creator Lab mentor network has grown to become the largest and most diverse network of VR domain experts in the world; a band of makers and misfits capable of bringing any vision to life.


Over the course of the program, we have traveled across three continents and taught 90+ YouTubers from 15 different countries how to create a variety of VR pieces – from live action to animation.

The program has featured some of the biggest brands and influencers on YouTube including NASA/JPL, Cirque Du Soleil, Patrick Starr, BuzzFeed, BET, and many more. The content we’ve created together has generated over 35 million views to date, winning an Emmy and multiple Streamy awards.